Advancement Level Test Equestrian Challenge!


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How Much Do You Already Know?

New Horizons relied on hundreds of equine experts and horse industry resources to develop its Equine Science curriculum. We thought it would be fun to put students and prospective students to THE ULTIMATE TEST.  Take our Equestrian Knowledge Challenge Test to find out if the EQU 101-110 Series is for you, or whether you’re ready to skip ahead and go straight into our advanced coursework.

Take the Challenge. No Student Enrollment Fee required!

The Advancement Level Challenge Test  fee includes electronic grading. You won’t even have to enroll as a New Horizons student to  find out how deep your understanding of horses really reaches.

Please Note: When ordering the ALT an email will be sent to you from which to access and print the Instructions along with the Advancement Level Test. The Downloadable PDF will also be accessible through the My Account tab. We recommend taking the exam initially by hand and then proceed to complete the exam online electronically. Since the PDF contains an illustration which will be required to complete some of the questions it will be important that at least that page be printed or readily available when completing the ALT. Once you’ve completed the test, it will be graded immediately!

Good luck and have fun with this!

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