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This introductory training course includes a 70-minute DVD along with 6 written lessons to demonstrate “What Every Horse Should Know.” You will learn how a positive, progressive approach to horsemanship makes horses eager to please. Horse expert Cherry Hill explains the behaviors that a properly trained horse must be taught from an early age in order to get along with his human partners in life—including ground manners and obedience under saddle. By demonstrating what is achievable, Hill provides the inspiration and theory to get you and your horse off to the right start.

VTN 195 is an excellent foundation for anyone who is serious about working with horses. It provides a visual way for you to learn and earn a Certificate of Achievement.

Lessons cover:

      1. Restraint and Restriction
      2. Manners
      3. Forward Motion
      4. Whoa
      5. Bending and Flexion
      6. Steady & Straight

Please Note: When ordering the VTN 195 course, the DVD and lessons will be mailed to you via USPS. The course lessons are printed on 3-hole punch paper, suitable for adding to a 3-ring binder. Upon completion of ALL six quizzes they are then returned to NHEEC for instructor grading. They may be scanned and returned together via email to admin@NewHorizonsEquine.com or they may be mailed to New Horizons. The graded quizzes and Certificate of Achievement will be returned to you via USPS. If, however, you would rather complete the quizzes online, you will also have access to the quizzes through the My Courses tab and upon verification of course completion a Certificate of Achievement will be mailed to you.

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DVD and Mailed Hardcopy Lessons

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