Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms


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The horse industry can be complex and confusing. This valuable reference work, developed by New Horizons Equine Education Center, Inc., contains 298 pages of scientific terms, breed jargon, sports terminology, foreign equestrian words, cowboy lingo, and words to describe the tools of the equestrian trade.There are also terms to discuss horse anatomy, color, performance and training.

When Webster’s falls short of adequately defining unique equestrian words and phrases, New Horizon’s Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms offers a place to turn. It provides concise, easy-to-understand definitions for more than 8,000 equine-related words and phrases, with information to help readers understand the substance, context and proper pronunciation. Published by Alpine Publication, Loveland, CO.

Available in both hard cover and soft cover editions.

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Hard cover, Soft cover

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