TR 250 – Trailering and Transporting Horses Safely


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In this modern era of transportation, distance is no longer an obstacle when it comes to participating in equestrian activities. But traveling with your horse carries some added risks and responsibilities. In order to keep you and your precious cargo safe and healthy, you must plan, prepare, and know the rules of the road. TR 250 is designed to educate you about the ins and outs of trailering horses. It covers everything from towing vehicles and trailer designs, to safe driving practices. Even while it’s impossible to predict what your fellow motorists may do, TR 250 will make you more safety conscious and elevate your horse transportation techniques to new heights.

Course includes six lessons:

  1. Safe Trailering
  2. Tow Vehicles
  3. Trailering Options
  4. Loading
  5. The Long Haul
  6. Crisis Management

Please Note: When ordering the Downloadable PDF, an email will be sent from which to access the course and print the materials. The Downloadable PDF will also be accessible through the My Account tab. The PDF includes the course lessons and the course quizzes. The course quizzes will then be available to be taken electronically (online). To access, simply login through the My Courses tab on the website. Once completed, the quizzes will be immediately graded and upon verification of course completion a Certificate of Achievement will be mailed to you.

When ordering the Mailed Hardcopy the same course materials will be sent via USPS. The course lessons are printed on 3-hole punch paper, suitable for adding to a 3-ring binder. Upon completion of ALL six quizzes they are then returned to NHEEC for instructor grading. They may be scanned and returned together via email to or they may be mailed to New Horizons. The graded quizzes and Certificate of Achievement will be returned to you via USPS. If, however, you would rather complete the quizzes online, you will also have access to the quizzes through the My Courses tab and upon verification of course completion a Certificate of Achievement will be mailed to you.


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