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Every horse deserves a good start in life. The New Horizons Horse Training Manual will help you avoid common mistakes and show you how to mold your horse’s behavior so he becomes a well-mannered and pleasing companion.

Whether you are starting with a newborn foal, a young horse ready for its first ride, or even an older horse that needs reschooling—you’ll learn the proper steps for promoting trust, respect, and responsiveness.

The Training Manual takes you from first contact with a newborn foal through ground handling and into those important first few months under saddle! This practical, user-friendly “how-to” handbook includes six easy-to-follow sections, including:

  • Imprint Training
  • Desensitizing the Non-Imprinted Horse
  • Halter Training
  • Ground Training
  • Preparing for the Ride
  • Riding Your Horse

The supplemental Horse Training Workbook is designed to travel with you to the barn. Text and illustrations walk you through a basic training program and help you establish a lesson plan of your own, with room for notes, lessons, and progress reports. It makes it easy to keep track of how your four-legged student is progressing.

Kim Guenther, a noted equine journalist, has compiled wisdom from notable trainers to explain foal imprinting, bonding, sensitizing and desensitizing, leading, tying, stopping, backing up, turning on the forehand, and ponying alongside another horse. The guide then progresses to more advanced ground work, including crossing obstacles, longeing, and trailer loading. Guenther then prepares you for the first ride, including introducing tack and mounting safely.  The instruction concludes by taking you through those important first rides when you’ll teach your horse to walk, trot and canter on command.

You may purchase the Manual and Workbook separately, or save by ordering them together.

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