Special Breeds 101-110 Complete Science Series




For anyone who wants to learn more about America’s favorite breeds, New Horizons has developed four special courses with the help of the American Paint Horse Association, the American Quarter Horse Association, the Appaloosa Horse Club, and the Arabian Horse Association.

Each special breed course may be purchased individually, or as part of the complete 101-110  Equine Science series. The breed-specific course replaces the standard EQU 105 course (“Ownership Considerations”).  The complete series includes 10 courses, 60 lessons in all, with the 105 course dedicated to the things that make that particular breed unique.

Here is what you’ll find in each of the Special Breed Courses:

aqha_logoAQH 105 The American Quarter Horse

Six lessons will teach you everything you want to know about this breed of horse that was originally prized for its blinding speed over a quarter-mile distance. Lessons include:

    1. The World’s Most Popular Horse
    2. Evolution of Breed Type
    3. Speed Horse Legacy
    4. Show Horse Legacy
    5. Versatile Horse – Diverse Association
    6. Breeding Considerations

apha-logo PNT 105 The American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse course includes six lessons that shows why this horse was a standout, and covers the following topics:

      1. Colorful History of the Paint Horse
      2. What Is an American Paint Horse?
      3. Three Coats of Paint
      4. The Genetic ABC’s of Paint Coat Patterns
      5. Building Blocks of the Paint Horse Breed
      6. The Versatile Paint

aphc_logo150x150APL 105 The Appaloosa Horse

Spotted horses were depicted in ancient artwork by cave-dwelling people, yet the breed known as “Appaloosa” came into its own in North America. Six lessons share everything you want to know about this uniquely identifiable breed:

      1. Appaloosa History
      2. Breed Characteristics
      3. Versatility
      4. Registered Appaloosas
      5. Appaloosa Colors & Coat Patterns
      6. Breeding and Selection

aha_logo236x87ARA 105 The
Arabian Horse

The Arabian Horse is known for its exquisite beauty, endurance and intelligence, traces its heritage back to ancient times to the desert lands of the Middle East. It is said to be the oldest known breed of riding horse. The six lessons in ARA 105 will explain:

      1. Emergence of the Arabian Horse
      2. Arabian Conformation & Type
      3. Arabian Strains & Bloodlines
      4. Related Breeds
      5. Registration & Pedigrees
      6. The Arabian Athlete

 Here’s what you’ll cover in the rest of the courses in the series:

EQU 101 – Horse Safety EQU 106 – Conformation
EQU 102 – Psychology & Behavior EQU 107 – Nutrition
EQU 103 – Terminology EQU 108 – Health Care
EQU 104 – Tack Care & Selection EQU 109 – Show Grooming
105 – AQH, APL, PNT, or ARA EQU 110 – Preparing to Show

Members of the APHA, AQHA, AHA and ApHC qualify for SPECIAL RATES! Association members will receive the complete 101-110 Series for just $675 (saving $325!) when using an Association Membership coupon code found on the enrollment page. Plus you receive a FREE binder and FREE enrollment! You’ll also earn Certificates of Achievement jointly approved by the association and New Horizons. 

If you prefer to purchase courses one at a time, you still enjoy special savings. Remember, you’ll need to submit your current membership number. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the form to receive your coupon code via email.

Regular New Horizons students may order any breed series in place of EQU 101-110 for the special package price of $750  which includes a FREE binder and FREE enrollment! New Horizons Students may also order any—or all—of the 105 Breed Courses separately for $80 per course.

For more information about joining the breed registry affiliates, click the association links below:
American Paint Horse Association (APHA)
American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC)
Arabian Horse Association (AHA)

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